Bangkok, Here I Am

Hello again! After two six-hour flights, I successfully made it to my first hotel in Bangkok. Apart from the long and exhausting travel duration, it all went pretty smoothly. I flew from Frankfurt to Doha where I just had to wait about half an hour before the boarding for the second flight started. Due to the time zone shift I started at 12:00 in Frankfurt and landed at 07:45 the next day in Bangkok.

I had been informed that there would a transfer to my hotel, but I did not have the full details yet. To my information, I should go so some counter to get assigned to a taxi. With that plan in mind I was surprised when I came out of the arrival hall as a woman (she turned out to be my tour guide for Bangkok) was holding a sign with my name on it. In the end, she and a driver escorted me in a minibus all the way to the hotel, which took about 40 minutes. For a moment I felt a bit bad, because they had to wait for me for over an hour until I got through the immigration and got my baggage back. But that feeling was soon gone I then was occupied with trying not to fall asleep right in the bus.

In the hotel I got to know more details about my trip. Only two other travelers have booked the same tour. While this is not much, it offers the possibility to plan more individually which is not a bad thing, I guess. And it will not be just the three of us the whole time, but more on that later.

After a short walk around the neighborhood I am now back in the hotel where I will go to bed really early to be fit for tomorrow’s sightseeing tour of Bangkok. And to prove that I am not in Europe anymore I shot the next random image I could find (no artistic intention here). Here you go:


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