The Alps, Day 1

This summer I went to the Alps for vacation! I spent about a week in the region of Oberstdorf in the most southern area of Germany to do some hiking trips. Apart from taking some great tours I also took the opportunity to try out my camera even more. So in the next days or weeks I plan to publish some of the photos. Here follows the first part.

DSCF2871On my first trip I just started by foot and went to the next mountains, “Weiherkopf” and “Großer Ochsenkopf”. On my way up I met a lot of cows that not only stood on fields but just on the path and even on the peak of the mountain. But from up there I had a nice view over the valley.

DSCF2882-1 DSCF2884-1 DSCF2906 DSCF2913 DSCF2933

DSCF2938Unfortunately, on my way back the weather changed and soon it began to rain heavily. I got soaking wet while walking and running back and at the moment I was back at the guesthouse the rain stopped …of course.

After I put on dry cloth I went out for another walk around the village to take some more pictures of mountains …and that horse.

DSCF2945 DSCF2952 DSCF2954

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