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Oslo in Analog Pictures

It has been a while since February, but at least the weather did not change much…

On my trip to Oslo I took an old analog film camera with me just to experiment a bit with it. The camera was a Revue SE-400, a rangefinder camera. The only comfort it has is a exposure meter and a coupled aperture automatic, but apart from that it is really all manual. I think I will not take too many more pictures with it right now, but it surely was a nice experience to load a film, focus manually and all of that.

oslo_2013_004 oslo_2013_005 oslo_2013_006 oslo_2013_001 oslo_2013_002 oslo_2013_003 oslo_2013_007 oslo_2013_008 oslo_2013_009 oslo_2013_010 oslo_2013_011 oslo_2013_012 oslo_2013_013 oslo_2013_014

Edersee Hiking Trip

DSCF7393In the week after Easter I did a hiking trip around the Edersee, a reservoir lake in the area of Kassel. The forest around it, the “Kellerwald”, is a UNESCO world cultural heritage, because it is mostly untouched and slowly becomes a type of jungle. So it really is a nice place to hike. … well, in theory, at least. I guess as soon as the leafs are green and the temperatures are warm it is a fantastic place to be. Unfortunately, this both was not the case at the time I was there.

DSCF7405 DSCF7414 As you can see, big parts of the lake still were frozen and there was a lot of snow everywhere. On the other hand, I did met only very few people during this three day trip. In essence I can only recommend this area, but I you should decide to go there, wait until it is warmer (like right now, for example).DSCF7425 DSCF7450 DSCF7456 DSCF7473 DSCF7485 DSCF7498