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Taken during another visit in Oslo in September.

Taken during another visit in Oslo in September. The original picture from my first visit in Febraury 2013 is here.

Oslo in Analog Pictures

It has been a while since February, but at least the weather did not change much…

On my trip to Oslo I took an old analog film camera with me just to experiment a bit with it. The camera was a Revue SE-400, a rangefinder camera. The only comfort it has is a exposure meter and a coupled aperture automatic, but apart from that it is really all manual. I think I will not take too many more pictures with it right now, but it surely was a nice experience to load a film, focus manually and all of that.

oslo_2013_004 oslo_2013_005 oslo_2013_006 oslo_2013_001 oslo_2013_002 oslo_2013_003 oslo_2013_007 oslo_2013_008 oslo_2013_009 oslo_2013_010 oslo_2013_011 oslo_2013_012 oslo_2013_013 oslo_2013_014