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A Trip to Japan

The advent season in ready to start in Germany and with it the Christmas markets and the Glühwein drinking (not to forget Feuerzangenbowle). However, I will not be able to join that for some days. Two days ago I started a tour through Japan!

My tour started in Tokyo, where I arrived after an eleven hour flight and with it a very short night. Nevertheless I started my first sightseeing trip right away, as the weather was really beautiful and I was eager to explore the city. So far my impressions are very positive and my expectations are more then met: The people are as friendly as it is written everywhere and the dimensions of the city are not easily to comprehend. I visited shrines in the Asakusa district, had a look at the most recent electronic devices in Akihabara and took a stroll through Ueno Park with its shrines and colorful trees. But I still have a day to see more of the city before I continue my tour to the next destination with the famous Shinkansen train.