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The Busters Live

DSCF6407The Busters played at the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim on New Year’s Eve 2012. Dr. Ring-Ding had an appearance as special guest. Currently the Busters are celebrating their 25th anniversary as band. This is nothing less than impressive! With that, they really make their name as one of the most established ska bands in Germany.

Then again, my band is already ten years old :-).

DSCF6415-1 DSCF6411 DSCF6420  DSCF6427 DSCF6418

Recording the Anniversary Single, Part 2

Session 2 of our recording was all about the brass and me (technically, saxophones are woodwind instruments). Consequently, I could not take that many pictures of it. So this is the first post on this blog that contains pictures that were not taken with my camera.

Recording the Anniversary Single, Part 1

As I wrote in an earlier post, my band can celebrate its ten year anniversary soon. To do something special for this occasion we decided to record an anniversary single containing some new songs. These are some pictures of the first recording session with drums, bass and keys.