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Babylove and the van Dangos in Concert

At the end of January I had another opportunity to perform a concert together with the fantastic Babylove and the van Dangos at the Kulturkeller in Fulda. We did several gigs together before, and—just as the last times—the guys from Babylove did an amazing show. We performed as the opening act, so after we were done we could fully enjoy the rest of the concert.

If you do not know the band yet, be sure to check out their homepage and see if they will perform a gig near you!

2014_01_24_babylove_01 2014_01_24_babylove_06 2014_01_24_babylove_02 2014_01_24_babylove_05 2014_01_24_babylove_04 2014_01_24_babylove_08 2014_01_24_babylove_07 2014_01_24_babylove_09 2014_01_24_babylove_03

Rocking the Festival Procession

Last Weekend my band attended at a festival procession in the small village Rixfeld where a folk music (“Volksmusik”) singer festival happened. We packed all our stuff on a wagon behind a tractor, hooked up the amps to a power generator and off we went. With playing our ska music we certainly were the most exotic appearance on the whole procession, but the people seemed to enjoy this little diversion from three days with lots of local folk music.







Recording the Anniversary Single, Part 2

Session 2 of our recording was all about the brass and me (technically, saxophones are woodwind instruments). Consequently, I could not take that many pictures of it. So this is the first post on this blog that contains pictures that were not taken with my camera.